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Cultural Explosion

Complete Cultural Experience

A genuine insight of Montevideo City, it’s  300 + years history reflectIing the European spirit, the city’s people and their culture, along with the city’s most exclusive sights combined in a once in a lifetime experience, in the company of two experienced locals.
Cultural Explosion

Exclusive Hidden City Treasures

Montevideo and it’s idiosyncrasy, places where mistery stories are hidden, the epic of at world’s sport games, the flavour and smell of the finest gourmets, the touch of the gardens, parks, the most exclusive neighborhoods, and the feel of those places you just can’t forget.
Cultural Explosion

All Kinds all Rhymes

Each of our exclusive tours were built thinking in what a real Montevideo Experience needs to offer, from (Our) Football Glory, a Gourmet Walk, the Best City Sights, a Dinner by the Sea, an unforgettable parrillada and the most epic hair-raising story of all times.

The History of The Epic

To speak of Uruguay, is to speak of Football and glory towards the epic of every game. With just 3million inhabitants, Uruguay has conquered 15 Continental Cups and 4 World Championships. It also has two of the most winning teams in the world, with 7 continental and 6 world cups between Peñarol and Nacional.
If you want the kind of epic and glory tour, this is just for you.


A Taste of Mixed Cultures

The Prado, a beautifull park cut in the middle by a dominant yet historical creek, makes the city breath with its more than 61.852 square meters of green zones, parks, thousands of tree species and flowers. At Prado, an growing gastronomical movement gives life to the area at all hours, offering a wide variety of traditional drinks, meals and desserts. Be our guest and get meet City by it’s unique taste.

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